Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreaming of Summer...

So, it's totally not warm enough to even START thinking about summer, but that doesn't keep us L.A. residents from going to the beach! I love a good February bonfire with friends or a weekend stroll down Venice beach. With all the stores switching to their spring collections, it's never too early to start incorporating warm-weather pieces into your wardrobe. Here's to waiting for a warm weekend!

1. "Signet" Cat-Eye Aviator Sunglasses, Ray-Ban, $145
2. Colorblock Trim Fedora, Forever 21, $9.80
3. Artist Woven Scarf, Forever 21, $8.80
4. Wrapped Bangles (Set of 15), RJ Graziano, $55
5. Waffle Knit Vest, American Eagle Outfitters, $34.50
6. Vine Ring, Gorgana, $54
7. Pleated Shorts with Self Belt, Seven for All Mankind, $155
8. "Topless & Barefoot" Nail Polish, Essie, $8
9. Hoola Bronzer, Benefit, $28
10. Yellow Stoned Washed Twill Classics, TOMS, $48
11. Boat Tote, Anya Hindmarch, $135
12. Bay Blanket Cardigan, Quiksilver Womens, $74.50
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Geek-Chic: Wayfarer Eyeglasses

Thanks to celebrities-turned-hipsters such as M-K Olsen, Lauren Conrad, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, and Justin Bieber (just to name a few), these nerd-tastic classic eyeglasses have become a new {again} fashion staple. 

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer, made popular in the 1950s and 60s, has been amidst a MAJOR comeback for the past few years in sunglasses and, more recenty, in eyeglasses. Even those who are not vision-impaired are wearing them as an accessory. Knock-offs of the bold, plastic full-rimmed style can be found just about anywhere. 

I'm all about the geek-chic look, so I tried on a pair of $7 "imposters" on Venice beach for the first time and fell in love. I'm a contacts wearer, so it felt kind of funny to be putting on fake glasses OVER my corrective lenses. I've since ordered an authentic, prescription pair for myself and love that they cover half of my face (my other, more petite glasses make me dizzy). 

The best part about this look? It works for pretty much everyone. Let's face it. Whether you're 5 years old or 55, skinny or not, hip-hop or hipster, they're always a little goofy looking and always cute. So go ahead and try a pair. Your inner Drew Cary and Clark Kent will thank you.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

what I want... may be a myth

Yesterday I did a post featuring this noteslate device scheduled to release this summer. If you missed it, it's basically an e-reader (think kindle or nook) with a paper-like display that you can write on- essentially a digital notebook. Doodles, ideas, scribbles, and random notes can be saved and downloaded later. NEED. Right? Right. 

So why did I delete the first post? Well according to several articles online as well as commenters on the product's facebook fanpage, this awesomely awesome device MIGHT NOT be real. I guess there are scams out there that lead you to believe in an upcoming product so that you'll sign up for updates and give them your e-mail address--- which they'll then sell. Suspicions arose because detailed product images and specs were yet to be seen- until today. The website has been updated and I'm still not sure how real it is, but there are other techie blogs already hyping this thing up... and they'd know best, right? 

Anyways, I wanted to save any of my readers from potentially falling for a scam, but the idea of the thing is cool and now there are more people talking about it, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DIY: Paper Mache' Letters

As I've mentioned many times before, I have an obsession with anything monogrammed. It could be because I happened to get one of the coolest letters ever, "N", but that's a biased opinion. I also love ampersands. I know, I'm weird.

Steve and I have done some major home decor renovations in the apartment the past couple of months (my way of coping with the fact that we didn't purchase my Westchester dream-home as I had led myself to believe we would). As part of re-doing our oversized hallway, I wanted to find an "N", "&", and "S" to hang above our mirror. Unfortunately, the fabric-covered letters from Anthropologie are a little to feminine for my boyfriend's taste and, unless I want NY Giants memorabilia evenly spread throughout the house, I have to respect his wishes for a not-too-girly apartment.

Most craft stores sell pre-made, unpainted paper mache' letters, but there's only one option- Serif Font, capital letters only. I wanted something a little more vintage looking and lower-case, so JoAnns was not going to be help me out this time. Then I found this helpful DIY blog post from Me Like Stuff where she explains how to make your own "Big Letter".  Here's my take:

  • For the base of the letters I used a sturdy old box. I figured corrugated cardboard is easiest to cut, but be careful because it also bends easily- not good for structural purposes. If I were to make another set I might use chipboard or foam core instead, but this works fine if you're careful.
  • For the spine of the letters I used a lightweight cardboard I stole borrowed from work. Posterboard would also be ideal. The bendier, the better.
  • After taping my letters together into their shape, Steve and I made the decision to not paint them after they were paper mache'ed. We had an old 1970s gossip magazine laying around so I cut the interior pages into strips and planned to leave them exposed (inspired by Anthropologie's Savannah Animal Busts). Remember to save your favorite parts for last so that they're on top (I found a snip of a lingerie ad for Steve's "S" that I wanted to show)
  • Craft Tip: Cut lots of SKINNY strips for the curved parts of the letters- they lay smoother when paper mache'ed on and you can always conceal them with the bigger strips later
  • Other Ideas: Aside from painting the finished product, you could also cover them with fabric, fabric strips, paint them, or use maps (another fave of mine). The options are endless! 
  • TADA! all done! I didn't cover the backs of the letters because I knew I'd be hanging and not leaning them. Plus, I was rushing to get it done for house-guests. Super unique and SUPER cheap home decor project! Give it a try :-) 

late 20s

This past weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday with friends (new and old) in New York. For some reason 27 sounds so much older than 26- maybe because 26 feels like it's lingering in the "mid-twenties" zone and still a distant reach to 30. I embrace the new year, my new sophisticated age, and the knowledge that comes with being one number older. Thanks for all the birthday wishes (and hooray to facebook for knowing how to make someone feel loved). 

Michelle made me these fantastic (and ADORABLE) little "Cake Balls". Can't go wrong with pink glitter sprinkles! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Etsy Reviews!

I check my Etsy feedback like a madwoman. I've had a rush of orders lately (which isn't saying much, but some is better than none!) and until now nobody had really left me feedback on my items. I am SO HAPPY that people are loving their iPhone cases!!! I plan on making lots more soon since they've been a hit so far! These reviews really made my day :-) Success!

new computerrrr!!!

Hooray for early birthday gifts! Today it's officially "birthday month" and I already got a present! Thanks to my super-fantastic, ultra thoughtful, AMAZING boyfriend I now have a power machine to do all my art, business, and fun on!!!!! That's right, I'm posting from my new iMac! wahooooo!!!!!