Friday, August 26, 2011

since I've been gone...

Okay, okay... SO my maid of honor (that's right, maid of honor- we'll get to that later) has been giving me a hard time for not blogging and rightfully so. It has been a very, VERY long time since I've written a post, but that's because life has been a whirlwind of crazy amazing things!

For starters, I switched jobs. I am now back with the Walt Disney Company doing Graphic Design for apparel and accessories at the Disney Store! I could not be happier to be back with my old team in my old office doing what I love to do on products I LOVE. That being said, I've also been way too busy with my new workload to post something everyday. So that's my excuse.

Secondly, and most exciting, I AM ENGAGED!!!!! Steve proposed on August 4th and I was totally surprised. I have been fully immersed in helping to plan my Matron of Honor Kendall's wedding (that's right, besties engaged at the same time) that I didn't even suspect anything Steve had in the works. He came home with Chinese food one night after work and sitting in my box of potstickers was a beautiful sparkling ring! What? You want to see it? Well here you go!

Steve inherited the center diamond from his Great Aunt and it's just been sitting in a jewelry box at his parent's house. He had the rest of the ring made to match my "dream ring" which he found by snooping through my computer. Of course, unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me at all, the planning has started and is in FULL BLAST. It's been 22 days and I already have my venue/catering, photographer, and photobooth booked for our September 2012 wedding in Savannah, Georgia. The bridesmaids (all 8 of them!) have also bought all of their dresses- you can't pass up a j.crew sale of over half off! I am hesitant to start a NEW blog just for the wedding, so you'll probably see a lot of my planning posts on here :-) 

I PROMISE I will try to be better about posts. Lots of exciting things to come!