Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Even pups deserve presents!

Okay, okay... so this isn't actually Q's Christmas list. His would just be a picture of a Turkey. That kid loves himself some holiday bird. But these are the things I would like Q to have. Therefore, it's his list ;-) Design Sponge posted a "Gift Guide: For the Animal Lover" today and it inspired me to share mine!

1. Green Silly Monkey Pajamas w/ Ears, Rockstar Puppy, $25
2. Little Lamb Dog Slippers, Rockstar Puppy, $15.99
3. Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone, Amazon.com, $14.08 (this one IS on Q's list. He loves the one he already has. Your pet will too- it's guaranteed!)
4. The Temple Standing Feeder, FunnyFur.com, $80 (size Small)
5. "Furcedes" Dog Bed, FunnyFur.com, $225
6. Argyle Sweater, FunnyFur.com, $37
7. Lime & Chocolate Harlequin Collection Harness & Lead, FunnyFur.com, $52 (set)
8. Custom Vintage Pet Portrait, HotDigitalDog via Etsy, $49.99- HILARIOUS!

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