Monday, December 13, 2010

pretending it's cold in california

Every year around the holidays the city of Santa Monica sets up an outdoor ice-skating rink complete with Christmas decorations, hot chocolate stand, and cheery holiday tunes. It's become a sort of tradition for our group of friends to go, even though very few of us are very good at skating (the boys don't count because, well, they're good at everything). This year we went for my friend Lindsey's birthday and everyone was told to wear their Christmas sweater, so I put on my Snoopy and elf hat (naturally)

The rink itself was a little disappointing this year. Usually it's very heavily HOLIDAY theme, but that was replaced by bright, bold, floral decor (not what I think of when I think ice-skating) and instead of Christmas music they played a strange Justin Timberlake-heavy pop mix. I love me some JT, but if he's not singing Silent Night I don't wanna hear it on the ice. Just my opinion. Still, it was a great time and a good excuse for us to act like it was winter out even though it was probably around 75 degrees ;-) Gotta love Souther California!

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