Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Heart Stripes

Everyone knows I am stripe-crazy. Whenever I shop I always end up with an armful of striped items in various widths and colors (actually, that's a lie. Usually it's all black/grey/navy). Stripes are classic, flattering, and oh-so-preppy... just the way I like it! That being said, here are some of my favorite striped items out there right now!

 Striped Ex-Boyfriend Sweater, Madewell, $72
 Short Sleeve Bow Back Stripe Fleece Dress, Aiko Gallant, Bloomingdales, $188
 Stay Tuned Dress, Modcloth, $44.99
 Hooded Rugby Stripes Sweater, Forever 21, $19.80
 Sadle Striped Scarf in "Cherry Lollipop Multi", Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shop Bop, $98
 Set Sail Tank, Madewell, $59.50
 Bold Striped Sweater, Forever 21, $19.80
 Butter Me Up Top, Modcloth, $34.99
 Love is the New Black Classics, TOMS Shoes, $54

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