Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Hate New Years, But I LOVE Dressing Up

Christmas is in a couple of days and 2011 will sneak up way too quickly afterwards. New Years is by far my least favorite holiday of the year. Nobody can ever agree on what to do, there's always a lot of hype for a whole lot of nothing, everything is triple the price it normally is, one couple always gets into a fight, and everyone makes promises they'll break before the month is even over. I swear I am not this negative all the time- just for this one night of the year. 

The upside to this overrated celebration is that EVERYONE gets dressed up. It's the one night of the year where there is no such this as too much shine, sparkle, glitter, or sequins (I mean, in my world there's NEVER too much) and you can be as flashy as you like- the more blinding the better! These are some of my favorites for this dreaded holiday ;-)

1. Crystal Helix Necklace, J.Crew, $88
2. Strapless Dress, Rebecca Taylor, $495
3. Antique Jewel Stretch Bracelet, Forever 21, $6.80
4. Samantha Jacket, French Connection, $199.99
5. Crystal Feather Earrings, J.Crew, $58
6. Tiered Party Dress, Rebecca Taylor, $395
7. Chain Link Watch in Shiny Golden, Michael Kors, $225
8. Embellished Bow Headband, Forever 21, $7.80
9. Sequined Slingback Heel, BCBG, $178
10. Metal Mesh Foldover Clutch, BCBG, $128
11. Antique Stud Set, Forever 21, $3.80
12. Brings the Party Dress, Modcloth, $114.99
13. OPI Glitter Nail Polish from the Burlesque Collection (I am OBSESSED with the Gold Glitter, but that's only because I couldn't afford to buy them all. Waiting for Ulta to have their nail polish sale...)

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